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NAPERVILLE, IL August 10, 2015: For the thousands expected to attend the 2015 India Day Parade and Celebration on August 16 in Naperville, it is going to be a veritable visual and aural feast.

The India Day Parade marks the 69 th anniversary of India’s independence and celebrates the coming of age of Naperville’s Indian Americans who have contributed to the City, State and the Country in the fields of technology, medicine, finance and business along with its unique blend of culture and cuisine. Naperville Indian Community Outreach (“NICO”), the organizer of the event, has promised a splendid extravaganza. Hundreds of volunteers are working almost around the clock to make Naperville’s first India Day event a success, catering to both the curiosity and the palate of visitors.  Over 50 parade participants with 15 intricately decorated floats will be part of the parade. Food stalls will offer the spectators a tantalizing taste of
the rich and varied Indian cuisine.

The parade starts at 2:00 PM from the intersection of East 4 th Avenue and Center Street in Naperville which will be followed by the recognitions and cultural performances beginning at 3:00 pm at Naperville Central Park. The parade will showcase facets of Indian folk and popular dances while professional dance schools will portray traditional, contemporary and Bollywood dance forms in the cultural event, which will follow the parade.

“Several local dance academies along with an internationally acclaimed artist Bijoy Anand Shivram will present a rich heritage on stage, which will serve as a reflection of India’s diverse cultural traditions.” said Vasavi Chakka, Board Member and member of the NICO’s Cultural Event Committee. The dances range from the traditional South Indian forms like Bharatanatyam to the vigorous Bhangra from the North Indian state of Punjab as well as fusion dances performed to a Bollywood style beat. The classical dances are a form of story-telling revolving as they do  around the  nine 'Rasa' or emotions, namely happiness, anger, fear, courage, peace, kindness, agony, surprise and disgust.

The Indian Day parade has received an overwhelming response from local businesses that have supported the event as sponsors and partners, some of whom will showcase their products through parade and celebration participation.

Additional information about the event is available on our web site www.indiancommunityoutreach.org. We encourage everyone to visit and review our website.