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Indian Community Outreach Invites Everyone for Grand India Day Celebration in Naperville


Full Day Event with Cultural Program, Parade, Free Concert, and Fireworks

Indian Community Outreach (ICO) is inviting everyone to its 3rd INDIA DAY GRAND PARADE & CELEBRATION on August 13th 2017, starting at 11:00 am in Naperville. This is a free event with large decorated floats, Colorful Indian Folk, Classical & Modern Dances, Food, Drinks, Children Area, Fashion Show, Concert, Shopping of Indian Ethnic Dresses/Jewelry and Colorful Fireworks as the highlights. Governor Bruce Rauner and Mayor Steve Chirico will be the guests of honor while many Congressmen, State and Local elected representatives and prominent leaders of the Midwest community will attend.

Speaking about the significance of India Day, Krishna Bansal, Chairman of ICO said “2017 India Day Celebration would be one of the largest and best Indian American event in the United States with multiple activities lined up from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm. This will be a grand showcase of Indian and Indian American culture that will make us and our upcoming generation feel proud of our heritage”. He invited everyone to join to celebrate 70 years of India Independence and highlighted a team of over 200 volunteers working to make this happen.

“It’s an all-day fun-filled event celebrating 70 years of Indian Independence. Many activities are planned for kids including Bounce Houses, Petting Zoo, Face Painting, Bean Bags, Legos, Kites and more,” said Archana, who is in charge of Kids Area. We will have a lot of music and masti as well.

Viral Shah, treasurer of ICO, highlighted this parade to be a different kind of parade, one that symbolizes the vibrancy of Indian American culture. It will include 80+ colorful floats, dances, and groups that will mesmerize everyone and will have multiple Shriner groups to grab attention.

“We will witness the best of the Indian classical and folk dancers come and perform during the talent show beginning 12:30PM. The evening program will start with Indian and American National anthems and will showcase the winner dance performance from the afternoon talent show,” said Shree Gurusamy, talent team lead. “India’s rockstar Mika Singh will lead the evening show which will end with colorful fireworks.”

Refuting any controversy about Mika Singh, Krishna Bansal quoted Mika Singh’s statement “People are thinking that I’m going to perform in Chicago and Houston for Pakistanis, which is completely wrong. I’m doing this show only for Hindustanis. I’ll be sending you people videos to prove it,” he said, adding, “I am always proud to be an Indian”. Entire video with his message is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh2RU1yAG4M.

Chirag Jani, ICO board member and India Day co-chair, said all preparations are in full swing and we have a special emphasis on comfort and security of everyone attending. He continued ”Contributions by Indian American businesses will play a role in boosting self-confidence for the next generation and build assurance in all other communities about the contributions and heritage of Indian Americans.” He thanked everyone who took the opportunity to sign pledges for sponsoring this mega event.

Indian Community Outreach is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization initiated in 2013 by Naperville Mayor A. George Pradel and helps foster connections with residents of varied and diverse cultural backgrounds. Originations mission is to embrace, preserve and promote the cultural heritage and contributions of Indian Americans while educating them to get involved in America’s growth. ICO’s efforts in different Programs/Engagements include ‘Conversations’ for enhancing Civic Participation and Social Awareness; ‘Lotus Scholarship & Awards’ to recognize students and leaders of Indian Origin in every field; Indian businesses networking and education forums; India Day – Showcasing and Celebrating Cultures; contributing in various charity initiatives and participation in local events to represent Indian American Community.

More information about ICO and India Day including participating/sponsoring details are available at the ICO website www.indiancommunityoutreach.org or by calling 630.300.0345.

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